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Philanthropy is transformative Fueling passion, motivation and joy.

2021 fiscal year financials

When donors like you put good into the world, it ripples outward and magnifies exponentially, transforming communities, nations and the world. Thank you for your generosity, vision and intent to create more joy in the world. 2021 was a year of breakthroughs.

Here’s how your contributions made an impact.

CU’s endowment is now valued at $2.12 billion

Your generosity has created an incredible legacy for generations to come. Tens of thousands of donors in Colorado and beyond have invested in what they believe in, such as a scholarship that is awarded to students year after year, or funds to attract world-class faculty, or the creation of a program to train fellows in critical doctor-patient communication skills. And for the first time, the collective value of individual endowments at CU has surpassed $2 billion, thanks to a historic investment return and generous philanthropic contributions from donors.

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36.83% return on investment

The CU Foundation’s investment strategy accelerates your generosity because it results in exceptional returns. And that means more support for scholarships, research and attracting and retaining talented faculty. Our goal is to maximize returns on that investment while effectively managing risk. CU’s Long Term Investment Pool, in which CU’s endowments are invested, returned nearly 37% in fiscal year 2021 and is now valued at $2.12 billion. It continued to outperform the policy benchmark, which returned 30.51%.

$371.2 million given last year

Every dollar you give creates a positive impact. It might support clinical assessments for non-speaking patients, or a scholarship that opens doors for first-generation college students, or a chance young actors to share Shakespeare with elementary school students across Colorado.

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54,543 gifts

Every gift is a good intention that was followed through. Big or small, each contribution creates better outcomes for students, drives discovery and promotes innovative approaches to health care. Last year, you gave:

Graduation Cap
$53Mto expand opportunities for students through scholarships
$127Mto drive research and discovery
Trophy Star
$28Mto attract the best and brightest faculty to our campuses
Heart-care DNA
$201Mto transform health care and support lifesaving treatment

When you invest in CU, your impact is mighty

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92% of gifts were less than $2,500

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The average size of a gift was $6,806

29,793 donors like you

Tens of thousands of donors helped CU create change and positive impact. Averaging 149 gifts a day, many of you made the decision to give and give again.

Last year we received gifts from:

corporations and foundations
faculty and staff
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The meaning of legacy

An endowment is a gift that creates returns for tomorrow. An investment for the future, endowments are gifts with longitudinal impact, creating positive change year after year.

The collective value of CU’s endowments grew by nearly 40% in the last fiscal year. Here’s how the endowment has grown in recent years:


CU's endowment over time

130new endowments were created in the last fiscal year

3,159total endowments at CU are making a lasting impact

$76.4 millionwas given in endowment support

How is CU’s endowment invested?

The endowment is invested in a diversified portfolio with a target of stable, long-term growth. In fiscal year 2021, the Long Term Investment Pool (LTIP) allocation was:

Funds transferred to CU
Global public equities
Global private capital
Global hedge funds
Real assets
Fixed income and cash

Investment return vs. policy benchmark

Our Long Term Investment Pool consistently outperforms policy benchmarks.

The LTIP’s longer-term results show a consistent track record of investment growth. Here is the recent performance of the LTIP against the policy benchmark.

$211.8 million

That’s how much the CU Foundation transferred to CU last fiscal year.

Funds transferred to CU
Academic support
Advancement support
Chairs, professorships and other faculty support
Public service, administration, library and other support
Capital projects

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