Essential CU

The Campaign for the University of Colorado

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CU is essential.

Our university helps create a Colorado that is economically powerful, physically healthy, culturally rich and socially cohesive. These are essential outcomes, achieved by an essential institution.

You are a vital partner in ensuring this happens today and for generations to come. Thank you for your generosity, passion and vision for CU.

You help us tell an important story—one that guarantees that without leaving the state, Coloradans will have access to academic programs of the highest quality, educated future leaders of the workforce, medical care second to none and research that uncovers new knowledge for a brilliant tomorrow.

This is our shared story. It is the story of Essential CU.

You are essential to our future.

The generous investments you make in CU are among our most important sources of support. You are foundational to CU’s academic quality, research capacity and commitment to the common good. Our partnerships with you are crucial to a better world.

The right story for the right time.

"The generous investments our benefactors make in the University of Colorado are among our most important sources of support. United across four campuses, CU is an essential institution in advancing the economy, health and social fabric of our communities and the world, and our donors are essential to this success. Together and in earnest, we look forward to a bright future as we ensure that CU continues to serve society now and for generations to come."

President Emeritus Bruce Benson

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At CU, we are captivated by our potential to educate future leaders, advance discovery, transform health care and solve our biggest challenges. As we commence the Essential CU campaign, we are honored to partner with you to advance these ideas.

Expand student opportunities

We will expand access to high-quality academics for students from all backgrounds and provide them the resources they need to thrive.

Seek new discoveries

We will make future-changing discoveries that benefit humanity by collaborating across disciplines, perspectives and cultures.

Attract the brightest talent

We will convince top researchers, physicians, faculty and students that there is no better place than CU to unearth discovery and break the mold.

Transform health care

We will advance more medical breakthroughs in the next 10 years than in the past 100, and CU will be at the frontier of that discovery.

Create places for big ideas

We will encourage big ideas to launch, grow and flourish by bringing together like-minded talent who share a passion for particular disciplines.

Commit to the common good

We will share a duty to serve society by improving lives here in Colorado and around the world—and not just today but for generations unborn.